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What is the Connotation of Hotel Room Cleaning?

Pulished on Feb. 25, 2021

As a Hotel Massage Cleaning Soap Supplier, share it with you.

In the hotel industry, people often talk about how to improve guest satisfaction. But few people think that cleanliness ranks first among the many factors that affect the satisfaction of hotel guests. In fact, whether a hotel is clean and tidy is not just a matter of whether there is dust on the furniture of this hotel, whether there is rubbish on the ground, there are more factors that will affect guests' understanding of the cleanliness of the old point.

Tissue Wrap Hotel Soap

Tissue Wrap Hotel Soap

Specifically include the following aspects:

1. The smell of hotel guest rooms It should be said that the smell of guest rooms is the primary indicator of the cleanliness of a hotel. Musty smell is allowed in the room, and no obvious perfume smell is allowed. Resident guests generally like the lemon scent in the bathroom of their guest room, while the bedroom should have a mixed scent. The smell is strong, pungent air fresheners are easy to make guests have nausea and other reactions. Therefore, it must be used with caution. Frequent opening of windows can also keep the air in the guest room fresh.

2. Traces left by the previous guest staying in the hotel. Whether there are traces left by the previous guest in the hotel room should be one of the most important factors that guests have a high degree of understanding of the cleanliness of a hotel. Guests staying in a hotel definitely don’t want to see anything in their room that will remind them of someone living there. Generally speaking, the most disgusting traces for hotel guests include: hair strands left in bathroom basins and bathtubs, and on the bathroom floor, messy room delivery trays in the aisle, stained carpets and linen, and guests in drawers Forgot to take away personal items etc.

3. Attitudes and work efficiency of hotel staff The overall service attitude of hotel staff, especially the housekeeping department, engineering department, and restaurant staff will also affect the perception of hotel cleanliness by hotel guests. Generally speaking, as long as guests see the hotel staff constantly cleaning the public areas, they will naturally feel that the hotel is very clean. And the cleanliness of the staff is also very important. Clean, well-dressed staff helps to enhance guests’ impression of the overall cleanliness of the hotel.

4. The rooms are well equipped. Guests staying in a hotel will require the facilities and equipment of the hotel rooms to be reasonably used. Especially in the working area of the guest room, the lighting effect is good, and the desk that is easy to connect to the telephone interface, data interface and power jack is particularly important for business travelers. In addition, a proper number of towels, cups, free hygiene products, a certain number of blankets and pillows, bedside radios, alarm clocks, TV sets and their remote controls are all indispensable.

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