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What is the Selection and Management of Hotel Disposable Products?

Pulished on Mar. 08, 2021

As a Hotel Body Bars Manufacturer, I would like to share with you the selection skills and management methods of hotel disposable products.

The use of disposable products in hotels is very large, and almost every group of guests staying in the hotel needs to use them. In order to ensure that guests can enjoy satisfactory services, the hotel will be more cautious in the selection and provision of disposable products in the hotel.

Hotel Shaving Razor and Cream

Hotel Shaving Razor and Cream

Hotel disposable products As people's living standards improve, hotels and hotels are blooming everywhere, and more and more hotels are beginning to use hotel disposable products. What should hotels pay attention to when choosing?

Procurement skills of hotel disposable products

The proportion of hotel shower products is relatively large. People who enter the hotel to rest almost always take a bath in the room. At present, there are a lot of hotel shower products on the market, including various shampoos in hoses, bottles, bags, and soap dispensers. , Body soap, their quality is also uneven. 

The product has good performance, high quality, and affordable price. It can't produce too much foam, because too much foam will consume water.

Then what kind of management the hotel can reduce the consumption of disposable supplies. In view of the control and management methods of these consumables and the hotel should also do the following work:

First, it will be distributed according to the standard. The amount of equipment in each workshop is based on the average amount of items in a week as a fixed storage amount, and 10% of the allocation is allocated to the designated area as a mobile.

Second, strict application system. The person in charge of each area must fill in the remainder of each item of last week when picking up the items, and register the number of items picked up this week in detail, and sign for confirmation.

Third, clarify the responsible person. The authority to receive disposable supplies will be returned to the foremen in each region, and it is stipulated that they will be picked up at the warehouse once a week.

Fourth, the foremen of each area will receive the items according to the leftovers in each building and the reservation situation of the next week.

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