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What are the Precautions During the Procurement of Hotel Disposable Supplies?

Pulished on Oct. 29, 2020

As a Hotel Personal Care Products Supplier, share with you. Hotel disposable products mainly include the following products: dental appliances, combs, razors, soaps, shower caps, shampoos, body washes, label pens, soft pumping papers, etc.

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Toothbrush purchase should pay attention

The main factors affecting the quality of toothbrushes are the quality of the bristles and the rate of brushing. Daily toothbrushes are usually replaced every three months. Even if the toothbrushes that have not been brushed are used for a period of time, the bristles and teeth will become "natural Grinding", and disposable toothbrushes are usually used only 2-3 times. If the quality of the bristles is not good or the grinding rate is not enough, it will cause damage to the oral cavity. Therefore, the quality standard of hotel toothbrushes must not be lower than that of daily toothbrushes.

Cost Control

One of the most concerned issues of the hotel industry: whether the six small items of disposable consumables should be environmental protection concessions have already been partially implemented in some cities. Before the relevant departments have issued the documents for the cancellation of disposable products, it is necessary to mention the reasonable control of disposable consumables in daily work. There are nearly 20 types of disposable consumables available in the hotel. Are these 20 types all required by guests? I think this is not the case. I believe everyone has discovered the following situations:

1. Toothbrushes are generally packaged with toothpaste, which is more wasteful for residents. Generally, the toothpaste matched with the toothbrush is 6g, and the toothbrush can be used after brushing once in the morning and evening. However, because there is no toothpaste, it is necessary to disassemble a pair of toothbrushes, because this relationship increases the disposable The consumption of supplies means neither energy saving nor environmental protection.

2. The sewing kit in the guest room has a low usage rate and is more wasteful. According to statistics, the hotel uses a total of 742 sewing kits a year, including internal use. In addition, there are fewer cotton threads in the sewing kit, and there are as many as five colors. If a certain kind of thread is not enough, another package needs to be opened. All the needles are thrown away after one use.

Suggestion: Prepare a sewing box at the housekeeping center. There are plenty of cotton threads of various colors, different types of needles, finger guards, small scissors, etc. Guests can provide free rental service when needed, all needles and other items can be reused, cancel the one-time use sewing kit in the room.

3. The small soap provided in the guest room is an indispensable item in the bathroom, which can be used to wash hands or clean small pieces of clothing. However, in most cases, guests cannot use a whole bar of soap, and some even disassemble and wash their hands before using it. Due to the small size of the recycled soap, the cleaning effect is not good, and the value of recycling is greatly reduced.

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