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What is the Purchasing Techniques for Hotel Disposables?

Pulished on Jul. 23, 2020

As a Hotel Body Bars Manufacturer, share with you. In the use of hotel disposable products, hotel shower products account for a relatively large proportion, especially in summer, and they are indispensable necessities for bathing. At present, there are a dazzling array of hotel bath products on the market, all kinds of shampoos and body soaps in hoses, bottles, bags, soap dispensers, and their quality is also uneven. Therefore, the hotel must be cautious when choosing. When purchasing a shower gel, the hotel should choose according to its own star rating, while also considering the degree of water consumption.

Hotel Shaving Razor and Cream

Hotel Shaving Razor and Cream

Disposable toothbrushes are usually used only 2-3 times. If the quality of the bristles is not good or the grinding rate is not enough, it will damage the oral cavity. Therefore, the quality standard of hotel toothbrushes must not be lower than that of daily toothbrushes. Our hotel tries to choose brushed toothbrushes when purchasing hotel disposables.

Hotel washing products also occupy a relatively large proportion in the use of hotel disposable products, especially in the hot summer, they have become indispensable necessities for bathing. Looking at the market, all kinds of shampoos and body soaps in hoses, bottles, bags and soap dispensers are dazzling. The quality of various products varies from good to bad, and the price is dazzling.

Do you know how to use disposable razors?

You can use shaving cream or not (for dry shaving, pay attention to dry chin, redness and swelling). Some people will use facial cleanser or soap products instead of shaving cream.

The method of using disposable razors is as follows: the shaving technique is to use the trend first and then reverse it.

1. In order to reduce skin irritation and avoid skin swelling, redness and pain, the first shave should follow the growth texture of the beard and push the knife; about 80% of the beard can be shaved after one time, and it should be shaved again after shaving. Again.

2. For the second time, shave against the direction of beard growth. You can reapply shaving cream every time you shave. It is important to remember that you must be very careful when scratching the Adam’s apple.

Precautions for choosing disposable razor:

1. Choose a product with a better blade material, otherwise the skin pores will be damaged due to insufficient blade sharpness, causing redness and swelling;

2. Use shaving cream, moisturizer or soap and other foam products to wet the beard, which can soften the beard and reduce the dryness and discomfort caused by shaving. It should be noted that even the best shaving cream or chemical products will have different reactions according to personal physique. If you experience allergies, you must stop using it immediately.

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