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How to Choose Good Hotel Supplies?

Pulished on Sep. 23, 2020

As a Hotel Shampoo And Conditioner Factory, share with you. For cotton fabrics such as bed sheets and duvet covers, the fineness of the yarn count and the density of the tissue determine the quality of the quality: the finer the yarn count and the higher the number of weaves, the better the quality. The higher the count, the finer the yarn, the smoother and smoother the woven fabric, and the better the gloss.

For towels, water absorption, softness, and comfort are the consideration factors for high-quality hotels to choose towels. The towel weight, raw materials, and weaving technology are the manifestations of towels' worth.

White Closed Toe Hotel Slippers

White Closed Toe Hotel Slippers

For towels of the same size, the larger the weight, the thicker the towel. The cotton texture guarantees the feel and water absorption of the towel, and the good weaving process makes the towel soft, absorbent, and durable, and prevents the embarrassment of linting.

There are many factors influencing the scientific cleaning and maintenance of hotel supplies. For example, improper use of detergents, human factors, and washing machinery may cause damage to the linen. There are five major factors affecting the cleaning and maintenance of linen:

1. Develop the corresponding washing process and washing procedure according to different washing equipment. The main technical parameters are: washing time, temperature, speed, procedure, reasonable dosage of detergent and loading capacity, etc. The washing procedure is related to the water quality, the condition of the laundry, washing chemicals, washing equipment, and the choice of water level.

2. The textile raw materials for washing linen are different. Such as: cotton, polyester cotton, polyester, etc. Different washing processes should also be formulated according to different qualities.

3. The quantity of laundry depends on the capacity of the laundry equipment. In washing water containing a certain proportion of chemicals. Throwing an excessive or insufficient amount of washing items will affect the washing effect and the fastness of the items.

4. Pay attention to selecting high-quality and suitable detergents. And to prepare a reasonable amount for different washing objects and washing environment. If it does not distinguish the washing object. Use detergent indiscriminately. Not only affect the washing effect. In severe cases, textiles can be damaged.

5. Use appropriate drying procedures. Use different drying temperatures for different textiles. Drying time and cooling time. Prevent shrinkage, yellowing, brittleness, and stiffness of textiles.

First of all, when we choose fabrics, we should use pure cotton as the main material. Hotel bedding is in direct contact with the human body. It is better to choose soft fabrics such as pure cotton and silk. These beddings have good hand feeling, strong thermal insulation properties and are easy to clean.

Secondly, the pattern should match the hotel and decoration style. If the bedding is matched with the colors of the surrounding environment, only in a moderately coordinated and properly matched environment can there be an elegant sleeping environment.

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