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How does the Hotel Launch Special Services in Winter?

Pulished on Nov. 21, 2020

At present, the temperature in various parts of the country is gradually falling, and the temperature in some northern cities have even dropped below 0 degrees, and it is snowing.

Good service pays attention to the right time and place, and if the hotel can adjust the service details according to the seasonal changes, the guests can also leave a deep impression, which can be successfully transformed into high-quality praise. As a Hotel Body Bars Manufacturer, share with you.


Accurate marketing is carried out according to the season. When guests consult the hotel, the hotel can seize the season to limit this benefit point and carry out precise marketing according to the needs of the guests, such as the following scenario:

White Closed Toe Hotel Slippers

White Closed Toe Hotel Slippers

Familiar with the food provided by the hotel:

The guest asks: Is there a dinner hotel in the hotel. Answer: Hello, the hotel offers a buffet dinner in the evening, 200 yuan per adult, and the dining time is 17:30-21:00 in the evening. There are nearly 100 dishes such as Chinese and Western dishes

Familiar with the sights around the hotel:

Guests inquire: the distance from your hotel to the scenic spot. Answer: Hello, we are only three kilometers away from this scenic spot in a straight line. In addition, this season is the best time for the maple leaves here, and the scenery near our hotel is also very good. If you like, you can add the hotel butler customer service WeChat account and we will send you some relevant introductions.

Give a heart-warming gift:

The hotel can take the initiative to give warm babies to guests, especially female guests and children. At the same time, for some guests who will bring their own thermos, the hotel can give them some tea bags for them to drink while making tea on the way. In addition, when checking out, the front desk staff can also take the initiative to ask the guests if they bring their own kettle, and if they need to pour hot water for them.

Give heart-warming suggestions:

There is a big temperature difference between day and night in winter, which can remind guests of the local temperature. It is warmly recommended that guests keep warm when going out.


The guest room can appropriately add items needed in winter:

Take precautions for the sickness of guests. Guests are prone to catch colds and colds in autumn and winter, and guests are also prone to sudden illnesses when changing seasons. The hotel can prepare some emergency items, such as Banlangen granules, warm palace stickers, masks, etc., but do not provide guests with medicines to avoid unnecessary Disputes.

Timely replacement of room equipment:

Adjust the summer quilt in the guest room to winter quilt in time, remove unnecessary summer products in the guest room, such as mosquito repellent, and add winter products, such as blankets, humidifiers, and air purifiers.

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