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How to Efficiently Save Money When Purchasing and Wholesale Hotel Supplies?

Pulished on Aug. 26, 2020

As the pace of people’s lives accelerates, there are more and more hotels, large and small, like bamboo shoots after the rain. So how can you make your hotel stand out among so many hotels? At this time, the wholesale procurement of hotel supplies is very important. For hotels, the quality of hotel supplies directly affects the guest's experience of staying in the hotel and the degree of goodwill towards the hotel, and indirectly affects the operation of the hotel. The use of hotel supplies is very large, and every group of guests staying in the hotel can use it, so the selection and provision of hotel supplies should be cautious. Below Hotel Comb Supplier will tell you a few points about the wholesale procurement skills and storage methods of hotel supplies.

Hotel Comb Supplier

Hotel Comb Supplier

First, the price factor. Since most disposable hotel supplies are provided to guests for free, they will be consumed every day. Therefore, when purchasing hotel supplies, it is recommended to select hotel supplies at an appropriate price based on the hotel's own room prices.

Second, the number of rooms is calculated based on the hotel's own occupancy rate to calculate the number of disposable hotel supplies. When customizing the hotel supplies wholesale procurement plan, it is recommended to place orders for three months, half a year, or one year. Since the production of normal hotel supplies will have a certain cycle, plus the logistics and delivery time, the order should be at least three months' worth. During the period, pay attention to inventory and timely replenishment to prevent out of stock.

Third, the decoration style, selection of hotel supplies, and packaging design is recommended to be based on the decoration style of the hotel and pay attention to the color matching of the overall hotel supplies.

In order to ensure that consumers can use high-quality hotel supplies, hotel managers are also required to pay attention to its storage. For example, in the rainy season, the southern area needs to pay attention to the anti-mold method of hotel supplies when storing hotel supplies.

Purchasing hotel supplies is to control the quantity of some types of perishable items in order to reduce the rate of item damage. During the off-peak and peak seasons, the procurement of hotel supplies should be differentiated by time. During the off-season, purchase fewer hotel supplies, and purchase in advance during the peak season.

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