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How to Control Hotel Operating Costs on Disposable Items?

Pulished on Jul. 10, 2020

As a Hotel Comb Supplier, share with you. Open source and throttling are very important for every hotel and apartment, and every work link may affect the cost of expenditure, even a toothbrush and a comb. So how to purchase the most suitable and best quality disposable products for hotels with the least expenditure?

Toothbrush and toothpaste

When choosing a toothbrush, we mainly look at the toothbrush hairs. There are currently three types of toothbrush hairs on the market: handle hairs, the latest brushes, which are hard to use and cheap. Very common and relatively easy to use, both for hotels and home use; nylon wool, soft hair, is also more common, the price is relatively better than sharpened hair. The hotel can choose according to its own needs.

Let's talk about toothpaste again. Most of our common toothpastes are packaged with toothbrushes, which is more wasteful for guests who stay longer. Generally, the toothpaste matched with a toothbrush is 8g. Brushing it once in the morning and night is gone. The toothbrush can continue to be used. However, because there is no toothpaste, it is necessary to disassemble a pair of dental appliances. Because of this relationship, the disposable is increased. The consumption of supplies means neither energy saving nor environmental protection.

Hotel Comb Supplier

Hotel Comb Supplier

Small cost-saving suggestions:

1) Place the toothpaste alone (because it has its own packaging and does not need to be handled separately) to reduce unnecessary waste.

2) According to the length of stay, different toothpaste specifications are provided, for example: rooms with a stay of more than three days are equipped with 45 g-60g toothpaste.

Motel Soap is a one-time item provided in many guest rooms and toilets, which can be used for guests to wash their hands or clean small clothes. But in most cases, guests cannot use up a whole piece of soap, and some even disassemble and wash their hands before using it. The recovered soap has a small volume and poor cleaning effect, so the value of recycling is greatly reduced.

Small cost-saving suggestions:

1) Replace soap with reusable hand sanitizer bottles and place them in guest rooms to reduce waste and improve hotel quality.

2) If guests need to wash small pieces of clothing, they can provide paid small bags of brand detergent in the bathroom to enhance the cleaning effect.

Cleaning supplies

Mu washing products, that is shampoo and shower gel. There are bottles and bags. Although the shower gel provided by many hotels is cheap, its hot water consumption is several times the value of the shower gel itself. In addition, poor cleaning products will have a very bad impact on the user experience.