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What are the Common Washing Problems of Hotel Supplies?

Pulished on Jan. 15, 2021

The hotel’s bed linen is washed a lot, even if you stay temporarily, bedding will be washed. Then there will be common problems during the washing process. Below, the Hotel Body Bars Manufacturer will share with you what are the common washing problems of hotel bedding?

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1. There are rust stains on the bed sheet (table cloth). After it is treated with oxalic acid, it is placed in a machine for washing. After washing, it is found that the rust stain has not been removed. Acidizing treatment is the last process in the laundry process. The quality of acid agents is very critical in laundry products. It can make up for the defects and deficiencies in the previous process, make the laundry perfect and reach the ideal state. Oxalic acid is often used in some laundry rooms, which is not desirable.

will form calcium oxalate precipitate in unsoftened water, which will be adsorbed on the fabric, making the fabric gray, hard and brittle. The use of oxalic acid to remove rust is impure and temporary. This reaction Fe+++ (brown) Fe++ (light green) is a reversible reaction. After drying, the Fe++ remaining on the fabric will become Fe+++ again after air oxidation. Only by adding other acidic complexing agents to oxalic acid or using other The rust-removing compound can only be removed by forming a stable complex or chelate.

2. When washing small square towels in the catering department, special whitening powder for laundry room, chlorine bleaching powder, and sodium hypochlorite were used, but the effect was not good. The cause of serious graying:

①Before washing, you must first understand the water quality of the wash towel area, whether it is soft water or hard water. If it is hard water, it means that the content of calcium, magnesium and metal ions is high. Then you must add a water softener when washing, and you must do post-treatment. Use neutralizer.

②When washing towels, it is best to use oxygen bleaching powder and washing powder together. Do not use chlorine bleaching powder, because chlorine bleaching powder is highly oxidizing and can easily damage towels.

③Hard water can produce calcium and magnesium ions to form calcium and magnesium soap. The calcium and magnesium soap itself is a kind of dirt, commonly known as soap scale or alkali flower. The residual dirt of calcium magnesium soap is difficult to remove. Accumulating it for a long time will destroy the fiber and pigment, make clothes and cotton fabrics become a little harder, lose their luster, and change the color. It is very harmful to the fiber, and it becomes brittle and broken. , Fastness reduction and other phenomena.

Iron exists in the form of ions or ionic compounds in water. If it is deposited on the fabric or becomes brown spots, it will make the white fabric yellow overall, darken the color of the colored fabric, and have a certain catalytic effect on the bleaching agent. Cause fabric damage.

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